Patch Up Your Damaged Asphalt

Arrange for asphalt patching services in Logan, Smithfield or Brigham City, UT

Cracked or crumbling asphalt isn't just unsightly-it's also a safety hazard. Someone could trip on broken asphalt, or tires could be damaged by potholes. That's why Blacktop Paving, LLC provides asphalt patching services for commercial clients in the Logan, Smithfield and Brigham City, UT areas. We'll inspect the area, remove any damaged asphalt and replace it quickly.

Don't wait until your asphalt damage gets worse. Call 801-430-6007 now to schedule asphalt patching services.

Know the dangers of potholes

If you have potholes in your driveway or parking lot, you need to get pothole repair services ASAP. Potholes can...

  • Cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles
  • Bend rims or throw off a car's alignment
  • Collect water, which could freeze and cause your asphalt to crack

If you need pothole repair services, contact us today. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.